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Initiate Transfer of F-1 SEVIS Record

Last updated: May 31, 2020

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Before transferring an F-1 SEVIS student record to another school, read the Manage Transfer of F-1 SEVIS Record article. The article covers the whole F-1 record transfer process from start to finish.

Icon - Time-sensitive action

The Transfer Release Date cannot be more than 60 days after the Program End Date.

To transfer an F-1 student to a new school:

  1. Navigate to the Student Information page.
the Student Information page with Transfer Out circled

2. Click Transfer Out. The Transfer Out page opens.

The Transfer Out page

3.Enter the Transfer Release Date.

4.Click Select, to search for the transfer-to school and campus. The School/ Campus Search page opens.

The School/ Campus Search page

5. Click either the School Name or School Code radio button to search by school/campus name or code.

6. Click Search to find school/campus.

  • The School Name search allows a wildcard at the beginning and/or end of the name. If there is more than one school or campus that fits the search, it will return a list of choices.
The School/ Campus Search page with a list of choices

The School Code search requires entry of a full, exact school code (see error message). When entered correctly, the school code will return one specific campus.

School Search Page Error Message
School Search Page with a specific campus selected

7. Click the School Code hyperlink to choose the correct school/campus. The Transfer Out page opens.

The Transfer Out page

8. Enter any relevant remarks and click one of the following:

  • Transfer Student: Submits the transfer request. The Update Successful page opens. Click one of the following:
Update Successful Page with "Update Successful" at top
  • Return to View Record: Opens the Student Information page.
  • Print I-20: Prints student’s Form I-20.
  •  Reset Values: Returns all fields to their original values.
  •  Cancel: Cancels the action and returns the user to the Student Information page.

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