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PDSO and DSO Role Comparison

Last updated 30-Aug-2019

This is a quick-reference to identify the PDSO and DSO functions and responsibilities.

Initiate and submit recertification application (Form I-17). X (Main Campus Only)  
Update and save (in draft form) information for the school (Form I-17). X X
Update and save (in draft form) existing school official biographical information (Form I-17). X X
Add new school officials and assign roles (Form I-17). X  
Delete and reassign roles for existing school officials (Form I-17). X  
Add new campuses to a school (Form I-17). X  
Update campus information and delete any campus that is not the main campus; and save (in draft form) (Form I-17). X X
Formally submit all Form I-17 changes to SEVP for approval (Form I-17). X  
Print the Form I-17. X X
Request password reset for all school officials. X  
Verify PDSOs/DSOs annually
(Verification period – December 2nd to March 2nd of each year).
Register schools to use the SEVIS batch interfaces. X  
Submit student and dependent data corrections to SEVIS, including:
  • Transfer out the record of a student, who has just transferred in from another school, while that record is still in Initial status.
  • Request to change a SEVIS record back to Initial status within 15 days of it changing to Canceled or Active.
  • Request a program extension within 15 days of a record expiration.
Submit correction requests and data fixes for students and dependents to the SEVIS Help Desk, including but not limited to:
  • Request Change to Program Dates. 
  • Request Change to Student Status.
  • Request Change to Student Request.
  • Request Change to Termination Reason.
View and print reports. X X
Request Mass Form reprints and downloads. X X
Receive SEVIS Alerts and take action, if necessary. X X
Draft, save and submit records for students and dependents (Form I-20). X X
Print student and dependent draft and submitted Forms I-20. X X
View all student and dependent records for their schools. X X
Update records for students and dependents (Form I-20), including: 
  • Actions:
    • Authorize To Drop Below Full Course 
    • Change Education Level 
    • Complete Program 
    • Disciplinary Action 
    • Extend Program 
    • Registration 
    • Shorten Program 
    • Terminate Student 
    • Transfer Out 
  • Edits:
    • Dependents 
    • Financial Information 
    • Personal Information 
    • Program Information 
  • Employment/Training: 
    • CPT Employment Authorization 
    • Off-Campus Employment 
    • OPT Request 
    • Employment Information