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Correct Termination Reason

Correct Termination Reason

Last updated: January 30, 2024

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Occasionally, a student or dependent’s termination reason needs to be changed; for example: 

  • Student notifies the school that he/she is not returning for the next session. The designated school official (DSO) does not take action on the record; so then, the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) auto-terminates the record for Failure to Enroll. The DSO can request a new termination reason for the Authorized Early Withdrawal, which does not carry negative consequences.
  • Student requests a temporary leave of absence and the DSO terminates the record with Authorized Early Withdrawal. However, the student is not able to return within the five-month limit. The DSO can request a termination reason change from Authorized Early Withdrawal to Absent from Country for Five Months.

DSOs can submit a correction request to change the status of a termination reason. However, the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) must approve this type of correction request.

To request a change to a student’s termination reason:
1.    Go to the Student Information page.

Screen shot of Student Information page  with Request Change to Termination Reason option.

2. Click Corrections. The Corrections Management page opens.

Screen shot of Request Change to Termination Reason page

3. Click Request Change to Termination Reason. The Correction Request: Termination Reason page opens.


4. Complete the fields:

Field Description
Termination Reason*
  • Select one of the following from the drop-down list:
    • Absent from country for five months
    • Authorized drop below full course time exceeded
    • Authorized early withdrawal
    • Change of status approved
    • Change of status denied
    • Change of status withdrawn
    • Death
    • Expulsion
    • Failure to enroll
    • Failure to report while on OPT
    • No show – Manual termination
    • Otherwise failing to maintain status
    • School withdrawn

Note: DSOs should never use School Withdrawn. SEVIS notes this reason when it auto-terminates a student record, because a school loses SEVP certification and is withdrawn from SEVP.

  • Suspension
  • Transfer student no show
  • Unauthorized drop below full course
  • Unauthorized employment
  • Unauthorized withdrawal
  • Violation of change of status requirements

Note: See the SEVIS Help Hub on Study in the States for more information on SEVIS Termination Reasons.

  • This is a required field.
Termination Reason Comment
  • Enter how the student violated status, when choosing “Otherwise Failing to Maintain Status.”
  • Remarks will appear in the Correction Request History for this correction request.
  • Field has a 1000-character limit.
Correction Remarks*
  • Clearly explain why correction is needed.
  • Remarks will appear in the Correction Request History for this correction request.

  • Field has a 1000-character limit.
  • This is a required field.

5. Click one of the following:

  • Cancel: Cancels the action and returns the user to the Corrections Management page.
  • Submit: Submits the correction request. The Submit Successful page opens. 
Screen shot of Submit Successful message.]
Icon - Pay attention to an important point

This page has the number assigned to the correction request. This case number will appear with the case information for this correction request on the Corrections Management page.

6. Click one of the following:

  • Upload Evidence: The Upload Correction Request Evidence page opens.
Icon- additional information is available

For more information on uploading evidence, see the Upload Evidence for Correction Requests guide on the SEVIS Help Hub.

  • Return to Corrections Management Page: Returns to the Corrections Management page.
  • Return to the Student Information Page: Returns to the Student Information page.
Icon- additional information is available

See the SEVIS Correction Requests Overview for an explanation of the correction request process.  

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