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Study in the States offers free downloadable tools and resources to make it easier for international students and school officials to follow the U.S. government rules and regulations that govern the international student process.

All of the free tools and resources are available below. Search for resources by selecting the filters that apply. One or more filters may be selected.

General Appeals Process Information
March 2017

Outlines the steps and timeline for the school appeal process. 

What is Special Student Relief?
December 2016

Defines Special Student Relief (SSR), including who SSR affects, when SSR applies and how designated school officials can recommend SSR.

Public and Private K-12 Schools: Know the Difference
September 2016

Illustrates the distinctions between K-12 private schools and grade 9-12 public schools in the United States and outlines the different rules F-1 students must follow while studying at each.

Public Grade 9-12 Student Life Cycle (F-1)
September 2016

Outlines the eight steps involved for F-1 students studying at grade nine through 12 public high schools in the United States.

Know the Rules! Visit Study in the States Before You Start Your Program of Study
August 2016

A welcome guide for DSOs to distribute to new international students, outlining Study in the States as a resource to help them follow the rules and maintain their student status.

Students with 17-Month STEM OPT Applications Pending
June 2016

Outlines the steps that F-1 students with pending 17-month STEM OPT extension applications must follow to respond to a Request for Evidence (RFE) and demonstrate eligibility for the 24-month STEM OPT extension.

Private K-12 Student Life Cycle (F-1)
June 2016

Outlines the eight steps involved for K-12 F-1 private school students in studying in the United States. vs. Study in the States: Know the Difference
June 2016

A quick guide illustrating the different types of information, resources and tools found on and Study in the States

STEM OPT Reporting Requirements
May 2016

Identifies the different 24-month STEM OPT extension reporting requirements for F-1 students, STEM OPT employers and school officials.

Handling a Form I-515A
February 2016

Explains how to properly respond to SEVP within 30 days of a student receiving a Form I-515A.