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Students on post-completion practical training should use the SEVP Portal Help section to learn how to use the SEVP Portal and comply with reporting requirements. Eligible students can access the SEVP Portal from

The SEVP Portal is an important tool that lets F-1 students on post-completion optional practical training (OPT) and M-1 students participating in practical training meet their legal reporting requirements. Use the resources below to learn how to get started with the SEVP Portal and maintain information in the portal.


Watch the SEVP Portal Help Videos

View the SEVP Portal Help videos for step-by-step guides to navigating and updating the SEVP Portal.

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Watch the SEVP Ask the Experts Webinar: SEVP Portal Follow-up

Learn about recent SEVP Portal enhancements and answers to frequently asked questions in the SEVP Ask the Experts Webinar: SEVP Portal Follow-up.

SEVP Portal Resources

Getting Started

Getting Started

With the SEVP Portal

Maintain Info

Maintain Information

In the SEVP Portal

Access these resources to learn more about navigating the SEVP Portal and uploading user information. 

Navigate the SEVP Portal

Update User Profile

Update Employer Information

OPT Student Reporting Requirements

Information for Schools


For Schools

Learn about how the SEVP Portal effects schools with these resources. 

Benefits of the SEVP Portal

SEVIS Help Hub

Broadcast Messages

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

For the SEVP Portal

For more information on the SEVP Portal, visit these resources. 

OPT Student Reporting Requirements

SEVP Portal Videos

SEVP Portal Infographic

SEVP Portal Enhancements

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