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Elements of SEVIS Pages


Elements of SEVIS Pages

Last updated: April 7, 2020

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This article explains the page components and functions that may be available on the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) pages, depending on the status of the student or the school.

To access the SEVIS pages:

1. Go to the SEVIS Sign In page at

SEVIS Sign In Page

2. Log in to SEVIS to the Listing of Schools page.

Icon - Pay attention to an important point

If you have access to more than one school/campus, when you log in all schools will be listed on the Main page, which is titled Listing of Schools. Also, if you are authorized as both a school official and a program sponsor official, you will first be directed to a page that has two links: Listing of Schools and Listing of Programs. You would then click the Listing of Schools link to access the Listing of Schools page, which lists all schools and/or campuses to which you are assigned.

Icon- additional information is available

See SEVIS Help Hub article, Log In and Out of SEVIS, for more details.

The SEVIS Navigation Bar and the Internet Browser’s toolbar display at the top of each SEVIS page. Your Internet Browser’s features are standard functionalities for your chosen browser. The SEVIS Navigation Bar identifies users and their roles, and provides access links to the various SEVIS key pages. 

Listing of Schools page upon logging into SEVIS with numbered, page components parts.

The Internet Browser and SEVIS Navigation Bar contains the following features:

Feature Function
1. Browser Toolbar

Provides browser toolbar features.

Note: Do not use the Back button on the browser toolbar to navigate through SEVIS.

2. User Name Displays name of SEVIS user.
3. Logout Exit SEVIS. 
4. SEVIS Roles Displays role(s) of SEVIS user. 
5. Get Plug-Ins Accesses the plug0ins used by SEVIS. 
6. SEVIS ID Search

Searches for a student or exchange visitor by SEVIS ID in any of the SEVP-approved schools and Exchange Visitor programs.

Note: See SEVIS Help Hub article, Navigation Bar SEVIS ID Search, for details on searching for students or exchange visitors.

7. Navigation Bar

Provides links to SEVIS key pages. For example:

Note: The Navigation Bar links vary based on the SEVIS user’s role and the user’s current page location.

Icon- additional information is available

To conserve space, the Navigation Bar has been removed from many of the SEVIS screenshots used in the SEVIS Help Hub articles.

Additional page components, which are standard windows functionality, display on some SEVIS pages.

They include:

  • Scroll Bar: The part of a window that enables you to see additional information on the page. SEVIS uses scroll bars on the bottom and/or the right side of some windows to navigate to a different part of a large page.
  • Fields: Areas on the page where data may be typed or selected, or in which system-generated data display.
  • Links: Underlined text that advances to a different page within SEVIS.
  • Buttons: These allow you to process data and move between pages. For example:
    • Print I-17: Enables you to print a copy of the Form I 17.
    • Save: Enables you to save the data entered SEVIS.
    • Cancel: Ends the process you are working on without saving the data.
  • Other Input Methods:
    • Radio Buttons: Click to select. Only one radio button may be selected at a time.
    • Check Boxes: Click to make one or more selections.
    • Drop-Down Lists: Click the down arrow to display a list, and then select.

Many SEVIS pages allow a user to expand or collapse part of the page to hide or display more information. Use the expand and collapse icons to change the views.

Icon Purpose
Expand Icon Expands the section to display additional information, if available.
Collapse Icon Close the section to hides additional information.

Expanded View

When opening a SEVIS action page, an expanded view of the nonimmigrant’s personal information may display.

Example of expanded view of nonimmigrant’s personal information

To hide the nonimmigrant’s personal information, click the red, collapse icon to close the section.

Collapsed View

In the collapsed view, the nonimmigrant’s personal information is hidden, which gives more room on the page without having to use the scroll bar.

Example of collapsed view of nonimmigrant’s personal information

To view additional nonimmigrant’s personal information, click the green, expand icon to open the section, if available.

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