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Broadcast Messages

Last updated: April 7, 2020

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The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) uses broadcast messages to communicate general information to users of the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Broadcast messages include important information, such as, SEVP policy guidance, SEVIS-related functionality information, outages to compliance-related program updates, changes in the call center’s operating hours, new publications releases, etc.

One method of delivering the broadcast messages is on the SEVIS Broadcast Messages page, which allows users to find, read, and download the SEVIS broadcast messages.

There are two ways to access the Broadcast Messages page in SEVIS:

  • First method:
  1. Log into SEVIS.
  2. Click Continue to acknowledge the Warning message about providing false or fraudulent information in SEVIS. The SEVIS Broadcast Messages page may open.
broadcast messages

Note: Normally, the Broadcast Messages page is the first page that SEVIS users see after logging in and acknowledging the Warning message about providing false or fraudulent information in SEVIS. However, certain users may encounter other pages upon log-in. For example, before reaching the Broadcast Messages page, school users who must file for recertification must first acknowledge the Recertification reminder.

  1. If you have the Recertification Application page, click Continue to acknowledge the reminder. The SEVIS Broadcast Messages page opens.
  • Second method: From any SEVIS page, click Message Board in the navigation bar. The SEVIS Broadcast Messages page opens.
message board

The Broadcast Messages page table includes information columns for:

  • Date Sent: Date the broadcast message was posted.
  • Subject: Subject line of broadcast message.
  • Content: Links to view the broadcast message. Click View link to open the broadcast message.
  • Attachments: Links to any the broadcast message attachments. Click attachment links, if any, to Open or Save attachments.
  • Withdrawn: Withdrawn icons indicating that broadcast messages have been withdrawn. A message call-out box provides additional information.

SEVIS displays broadcast messages for two years. By default, ten broadcast messages appear on each page of the Broadcast Messages page.

  • To access more messages click the page numbers at the bottom right of the table.
  • To change the number of entries displayed on the page:
    • Click the drop-down list labeled Show Entries at the top of the table.
    • Select the desired amount of entries: 10, 25, 50, or 100 entries.

To view a broadcast message:

broadcast messages

1. Click View under the Content column. The View Broadcast Message page opens, which includes:

click view message
  • Message Details
    • Message ID
    • Authorization (broadcast message number)
    • Subject
    • Date Sent
  • Message Body
  • Download PDF Copy
  • Attachment, if any

2. If desired, click Download PDF Copy link to download a PDF copy of the broadcast message

3. If any attachments, click each available attachment link to download the attachment(s).

The school’s Event History page captures information about broadcast messages sent to school officials.

event history

Click the Plus icon on the broadcast message row to view more information. The Event History sub-columns include:

  • Field changed
  • Old Value
  • New Value

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