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Key SEVIS Pages

Last updated 28-Jun-2017

Learn about important and helpful SEVIS pages and functionality, including the student information page, mass actions and nonimmigrant search.

Elements of SEVIS Pages

In this section, learn the page components and functions that may be available on SEVIS pages. From the SEVIS Sign In page to SEVIS Listing of Schools page, learn how to view and take action on any or all of the schools and campuses with which you are associated. Check out the redesigned SEVIS Navigation Bar that lets you search for a student or exchange visitor with their SEVIS ID. See the new expand and collapse icons, which allows you to expand or collapse part of the page to display or hide more information.

Listing of Schools

In this section, learn about the Listings of Schools page, which is the landing page for PDSOs and DSOs in SEVIS. Access alerts and lists, SEVIS Downloads, and mass actions from this page. 

Student Information

In this section, learn about the Student Information Page, where information about nonimmigrants is displayed and can be updated.

Nonimmigrant Search

This section contains information on the F/M Nonimmigrant Search. SEVIS offers a specific search option on the Navigation Bar and a Search Student and Dependents page. These allow DSOs to find a particular nonimmigrant or group of nonimmigrants. 

Alerts and Lists

In this section, learn about SEVIS alerts and student lists, include how to sort, filter and export lists from SEVIS

SEVIS Downloads

This section contains information about the SEVIS Downloads page. The SEVIS Downloads page contains designated school official- (DSO) requested Forms I-20 for reprinting multiple students’ Certificates of Eligibility at one time. DSOs also retrieve reports on completed mass registration events from the SEVIS Downloads page.

Mass Actions

This section, outlines the actions users can take to multiple student records at the same time.

Broadcast Messages

In this section, learn about how SEVP uses broadcast messages to communicate general information to users, and how to view these messages.