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Update School Information

Last updated 23-Jan-2019

Form I-17 Petition Update - Overview

In this section, the content outlines information for Designated school officials (DSOs) since they are responsible for ensuring that information on their institution’s Form I-17, Petition for Approval of School for Attendance by Nonimmigrant Students, is up-to-date. When information on the petition does not reflect the current operating status, the principal designated school official (PDSO) at the main location must file a petition update.

Form I-17 Petition Update - Contact Information

In this section, updating contact information on the form I-17 is outlined. 

Form I-17 Petition Update - Programs of Study

In this section, The Programs of Study page collects information about the programs of study your school offers international students. You should not include any programs of study you will not offer to nonimmigrant students.

Form I-17 Petition Update - Select Degrees

In this section, learn how to use the degrees selection tool (widget) on the Form I-17.

Form I-17 Listing of Available Degrees

In this section, you will find a listing of the available degree programs on the Form I-17. 

Form I-17 Petition Update - Accreditations and Recognitions

SEVP-certified schools must list and proactively update any accreditations they hold in SEVIS. In this section, learn how to enter and update your school’s accreditations and recognitions on the Form I-17.

Form I-17 Petition Update - School Calendar, Cost and Demographics

In this section, learn how to update information about school calendar, tuition, fees and demographics on the Form I-17.

Form I-17 Petition Update - Instructional Sites (Campuses)

In this section, learn why schools must update the Campuses and Instructional Sites information on the Form I‑17 petition.

Form I-17 Petition Update - Manage School Officials

PDSOs must update the Form I-17 whenever school officials’ information changes. In this section learn how to add, update, or delete officials; assign or reassign campus roles.

Form I-17 Petition Update - Submit

This article carefully explains the PDSO attestation steps and links to additional information so that PDSOs and DSOs are sure that the changes are saved and the petition is submitted properly.