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Log In and Out of SEVIS

Last updated 23-May-2018

General Information

The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is the web-based system used to monitor F and M students in the United States, as well as the schools that enroll them. Users access and exit SEVIS by a series of log in and log out steps.

 Icon - Time-sensitive action

  • SEVIS users must log in to SEVIS at least every 45 days to avoid having their SEVIS accounts locked.
  • For more information on how to unlock a locked DSO account, see the PDSO Password Reset section of the SEVIS Passwords Help Hub article.

Log In to Sevis

To log into SEVIS:

1. Go to the SEVIS Sign In page.


Icon - Additional information is available  The Sign In page displays two links for functionality, which are described in other SEVIS Help Hub articles:

Register for New Account: Opens the Register for New SEVIS Account page that allows:

  • Potential school users to start the initial school certification process.
  • Potential sponsor users to start the program designation process.
  • Potential government users to learn how to gain SEVIS access.

Forgot Your Password: Initiates the process for resetting your password.

The Sign In page displays System Notices, which features important system-related events surrounding SEVIS availability.

2. Enter your:

  • User Name (for example, asmith1234)
  • Password

Icon - Negative consequenceSEVIS locks the account when you incorrectly enter a password three times. Click the Reset Your Password link to use the password reset functionlity.


3. Click Login. The Warning page displays.

Warning Page

4. Click either Continue or Log Out:

  • Continue: Completes logging into SEVIS.
  • Log Out: Cancels the log in. The SEVIS Sign In page opens

The Privacy Act Statement page is displayed in full view and contains the most recent government regulations. By clicking I Have Read and Understand This Notice button, you are voluntarily agreeing to the terms as written. Failure to provide the requested information on this form may delay or prevent participation in a STEM OPT opportunity.

5. Click either I Have Read and Understand This Notice or Cancel:

  • I Have Read and Understand This Notice: Completes logging into SEVIS. By clicking this button, you are voluntarily agreeing to the privacy terms as written.

  • Cancel: Cancels the log in. The SEVIS Sign In page opens.

Icon - Time-sensitive actionAfter 18 minutes of inactivity, SEVIS warns that your session is about to expire. Click OK to continue working in SEVIS. 

Icon - Negative consequence If you are inactive for more than 20 minutes, SEVIS displays a message that your session has already expired. Click OK to return to the SEVIS Sign In page.

  • Any unsaved data will be lost.

Log Out of SEVIS

To exit the SEVIS application at any time:

1. Click Logout on the Navigation Bar.

2. The SEVIS Sign In page opens.

Closing the Browser without Logging Out

Icon - Pay attention to an important pointWhen you close the web browser without logging out, and then try to log on again within 20 minutes, the following occurs:

  • First log on: Closes the previous session. The message, “Previous session is now closed. Please login again,” displays on the SEVIS Sign In page. (See below.)
  • Second log on: Normal log on process.

Closing the browser without logging out

Icon Guide

See the SEVIS Help Icons on the SEVIS Help Hub for a quick-reference of the icons used in this user guide.