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Error Messages

Last updated 23-Jan-2019

General Information

In SEVIS there are business rules for entering data. When users enter data that does not comply with those rules, the system provides various tools to notify the users of possible errors. Error messages in SEVIS are typically displayed as:

  • In-line error messages
  • Banner error messages
  • Page/server not available error messages

In-Line Error Messages

In-line error messages display when a user neglects to enter data into a required field or the data entered is invalid. The error is highlighted with a red outline around the field(s) and displays a message that says the field is required or the information is invalid.

Required field is empty:

Invalid entry in field:

Page/Server Not Available Error Messages

This message occurs when the user has been disconnected from the page or server and cannot maintain a connection to SEVIS. If this happens, check the status of your internet connection. If the lack of connectivity is on the SEVIS end, look for a broadcast message regarding scheduled maintenance.