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Mass Actions

Last updated: December 12, 2022

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To make compliance with SEVIS reporting requirements easier, SEVIS allows designated school officials (DSOs) to take certain actions on a group of student records at the same time. Two group actions are available from the SEVIS Mass Actions page:

  • Mass Registration allows DSOs to register multiple students in a similar category at one time.
  • Mass Reprint allows DSOs to print Forms I-20 for multiple students and dependents.

The Mass Actions page is accessible from the Listing of Schools page

Listing of Schools

Click on the Mass Actions tab. The Mass Actions page opens.

SEVIS Mass Actions

The name of the school and campus displays at the top of the SEVIS Mass Actions page. The available actions are listed to the left with a description of the action. The following actions are available:

  • Mass Registration: Allows DSOs to enter the same registration information for all students they select. SEVIS will apply the Current Session End Date, Next Session Start Date, and any indicators for being in the last session of study, study/research abroad, or thesis/dissertation to all records selected. SEVIS will not allow mass registration for students who:
    • Owe the I-901 SEVIS Fee payment.
    • Lack a U.S. physical address (except for border commuters).
    • Lack a telephone and email address information (unless they are F‑1, K‑12 students or M‑1 students under the age of 14).

Note: To register a student in Initial status who lacks a U.S. physical address, telephone number, or email address, go to the student’s record and use the regular registration process.

  • Mass Reprint Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20): Use Mass Reprint to reprint multiple Forms I-20. DSOs will be able to select up to 1,000 records. Forms I-20 will be created as SEVIS resources permit (no more than 24 hours). DSOs will receive the forms in zip files containing 100 forms or less. When the forms are ready, the DSO can download them from the Downloads page.

See the SEVIS Help Icons on the SEVIS Help Hub for a quick-reference of the icons used in this user guide.

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See the SEVIS Help Icons on the SEVIS Help Hub for a quick-reference of the icons used in this user guide.

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