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Listing of Schools

Last updated 7-Mar-2019


The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Listing of Schools page allows users to view and act on any or all the schools and campuses with which they are associated.

Listing of Schools Page

To open the Listing of Schools page, log in to SEVIS. The Listing of Schools page is arranged in five sections for easy access to the schools:

Listing of Schools Screenshot

Feature  Function
1. Action Buttons
  • Opens the corresponding SEVIS pages for the selected campus:
  • Alerts – Opens the Student Alerts page.
  • Search – Opens the Search Students & Dependents page.
  • New Student – Opens the Create Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Students (Form I-20) page.
  • Student Lists – Opens the Student Lists page.
  • Reports – Opens the DSO Reports page.
  • Downloads – Opens the SEVIS Downloads page (such as Requested Form Reprints).
  • Mass Actions – Opens the SEVIS Mass Actions page (such as the Mass Registration function).
2. School Menu Drop-Down List Lists all of the schools with which the principle/designated school official (P/DSO) is associated. Select the school whose record(s) you want to access.
3. School Name Link Takes the P/DSO to the school’s Form I-17 page.
4. School Campuses List
  • Lists all of the campuses at the selected school where the P/DSO is associated. The listing includes:
    • Select campus radio button.
    • Name of campus.
    • SEVIS campus code.
    • Location of the campus, including city and state.
    • Role of the current SEVIS user.
  • Select a particular campus by clicking the radio button before the campus name.
  • When returning to the Listing of Schools page, the campus selection defaults to the original choice. The default campus selection will change when the user either:
    • Changes campuses by clicking a different radio button in the School Campuses List.
    • Searches for a student at a different campus using the SEVIS ID Search field in the Navigation Bar header.
5. Symbols Legend Explains the warning/alert symbols that may appear with a specific school or campus.