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Reprint Form I-20

Last updated 23-Jan-2019

General Information

A designated school official (DSO) may need to reprint a student’s Form I-20 for a number of reasons. For example, a student might need a new official version of the form, because it was damaged or lost, or the DSO made important updates to the form.

The DSO can only reprint an official Form I-20 for a student who is in:

  • Initial SEVIS status
  • Active SEVIS status

DSOs can also print a draft of the Form I-20. The draft Form I-20 has the word “DRAFT” printed as a watermark across the front of the form.

The DSO can print a draft Form I-20 for a student who is in:

  • Draft SEVIS status (There will not be a SEVIS ID on the form.)
  • Initial SEVIS status
  • Active SEVIS status

Icon - Additional information is availablePrinting the Form I-20 requires that Adobe Reader be installed on your computer. If you do not have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer, download it at


Reprint Form I-20

The DSO can reprint a copy of the student’s Form I-20 for the following reasons: damaged, lost, stolen, travel, or updated.

Icon - Additional information is availableOnly use the travel reprint reason, if there are no blank travel signature lines on page two of the Form I-20.

To reprint the Form I-20:

1. Navigate to the Student Information page.

Screenshot of the Student Information page on the SEVIS Help Hub with Print Form I-20 outlined in red rectangle.

2. Click Reprint I-20. The Reprint I-20 page opens.

Screenshot of Reprint Form I-20 page with Reprint Reason section outlined in Red Rectangle

3. Select a Reprint Reason option from the drop-down list:

Screenshot of Reprint Reason dropdown menu and dropdown options

  • Damaged: Form I-20 has been accidentally torn or blemished.
  • Lost: Form I-20 is missing and not recoverable.
  • Stolen: Form I-20 has been taken without permission.
  • Travel: Form I-20 has been misplaced while in transit to the United States.
  • Updated: Form I-20 has been amended or revised to contain the latest information.

Icon - Additional information is availableUpdated Form I-20 or Name Conversion option was added during the name standards conversion in the summer of 2015. It is no longer relevant.

Screenshot of Reprint Reason dropdown with Lost option selected and completed remarks section and next button outlined in red rectangle

4. Enter comments in the Remarks field, if desired.

5. Click Next. The Reprint Reason Recorded page opens. 

Screenshot of Reprint Reason Recorded message

6. Click Reprint I-20. An Open or Save option displays.

Screenshot displaying option to open or save Form I-20

7. Click Open. The Form I-20 opens in PDF format.

Screenshot of Form I-20 in PDF Format

8. Click Print icon.

9. Click Close on PDF.

10. Click Return to View Record on Reprint Reason Recorded page to return to the Student Information page.


Icon - Additional information is availableFor more information on the Form I-20, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status, see the SEVIS Help Hub articles:

Icon Guide

See the SEVIS Help Icons on the SEVIS Help Hub for a quick-reference of the icons used in this user guide.