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Student Report for School Officials

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The Student Report for School Officials allows designated school officials (DSOs) to download a file of F-1 or M-1 students that include most of the information in the student’s SEVIS record.

To run the report:

  • Choose a school campus.
  • Chose one SEVIS status:
    • Initial
    • Active
    • Canceled
    • Completed
    • Deactivated
    • Terminated

The report:

  • Contains the SEVIS information listed by sortable columns.
  • Can be exported into CSV or Excel spreadsheet format.
  • Can be combined with other reports to include all or any combination of:
    • Campuses at a school
    • Student SEVIS statuses
    • SEVIS information

This report appears on the SEVIS Downloads page.

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  • For more information on finding and opening SEVIS downloads, see the SEVIS Downloads guide on the SEVIS Help Hub.
  • For more information on SEVIS fields, see the SEVIS Fields Job Aid on the SEVIS Help Hub.

The Student Report for School Officials contains the following SEVIS student record fields:

  • NonImm ID
  • FIN ID
  • SEVIS Status
  • Status Change Date
  • Class of Admission
  • Surname/Primary Name
  • Given Name
  • Suffix
  • Preferred Name
  • SEVIS Legacy Name
  • SEVIS Legacy Middle Name
  • SEVIS Legacy Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Gender
  • US Physical Address
  • US Mailing Address
  • Foreign Address
  • Email Address
  • U.S. Telephone
  • No Phone Indicator
  • Foreign Telephone
  • Number of Months
  • Passport Name
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Expiration Date
  • Passport Country of Issuance
  • Visa Number
  • Visa Issuance Date
  • Visa Expiration Date
  • Visa Issuance Post
  • Port of Entry
  • Date of Entry
  • I-94 Admission Number
  • Port of Departure
  • Date of Departure
  • Tuition Fees
  • Living Expenses
  • Dependent Expenses
  • Other Costs and Comments
  • Student’s Personal Funds
  • Funds from this School
  • School Fund Type
  • Source Type
  • On-Campus Employment
  • Date of Last Event
  • Termination Reason
  • School Name
  • School ID
  • Campus Code
  • Campus Name
  • I-20 Issue Reason
  • Education Level
  • Major 1
  • Major 2
  • Minor
  • Program Start Date
  • Program End Date
  • Normal Length of Stay
  • Initial Session Start Date
  • Next Session Start Date
  • Last Session
  • Study/Research Abroad
  • Thesis/Dissertation
  • Authorized Drop Below Full Course
  • Student Has English Proficiency
  • Remarks
  • CPT – Requested
  • CPT – Approved
  • OPT – Requested
  • OPT – Approved
  • STEM OPT – Requested
  • STEM OPT – Approved
  • Cap Gap Extended
  • Student Requested Reinstatement
  • Student Change of Status Request
  • Student Transfer out
  • I-901 Paid
  • Fee Payment Receipt Number
  • Border Commuter Student
  • Correction Request Pending
  • Cancellation Reason
  • Overall Remarks
  • Length of Next Break
  • OPT Portal

To access the report:

  1. Navigate to the SEVIS Listing of Schools page.
  2. Click the radio button for the desired school.
SEVIS Listing of Schools page

            3. Click Downloads. The SEVIS Downloads page opens.

The SEVIS Downloads page

            4. Click the CSV (comma-separated values) or Excel File Type on the Student Report for School Officials row. The Download Report modal opens.

The Download Report modal

 5.      Click the Status drop-down arrow to select the Status of students to view.

 6.      Click Submit. Microsoft Excel provides the option to Open or Save the report.

Microsoft Excel

            7. Use Microsoft Excel functionality to view and save the information. 

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Modify the Excel file by hiding or deleting unwanted columns and/or save for later use on your local computer by clicking the Enable Editing button at the top of the page.

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