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SEVIS Release 6.36 Planning Guide

Last updated: March 10, 2020

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Scheduled Release Date: 11/19/2017

Functionality Affects

Fix to student financial information, regarding batch change of education level.

Yes No Yes
Updated annual report. No Yes No
Alert list for Active students requiring STEM OPT reporting includes all OPT periods. Yes No No
Extend OPT link available for all levels to accommodate past STEM degrees. Yes No No

Fix numbering errors on printed Form I-17.

Yes No No
Student email address column added to Students with Requested, Pending and Approved Optional Practical Training list.  Yes No No
Fix to duplicate record creation when user double-clicks for student transfer. Yes No No
Adding alerts at 18 and 24 months for Active Students Requiring STEM OPT Reporting. Yes No No
Fix so that the certification expiration date (CED) for schools is correct. Yes No No
Ability to see error messages from SEVP Portal in student Event History. Yes No No

SEVIS on-screen new help text:

  • Authorize To Drop Below Full Course page updated date entry instructions.
  • Form I-17, field 4.1 explains what “school’s sessions are based on” means.
  • Form I-17, field 4.3 explains what “sessions are held” means.
Yes No No

Outage Begins Outage Scheduled to End
Sunday, November 19 @ 12:01 AM Sunday, November 19 @ 6:01 AM

Currently, SEVP expects the outage to last six hours (approximately).

Schools and sponsors that use third-party software to push data to SEVIS must plan their batch uploads carefully.

The update to the system does not involve a change to the batch schema. Schools that cannot deploy their batch vendor’s updates to their batch software by the release date will still be able to submit registration events via batch.

Critical Date/Time What Happens
Sunday, November 19 12:01AM-6:01AM SEVIS is unavailable for batch uploads.
Icon- additional information is available

No warnings issued at this time.

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