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SEVIS Release 6.22 Planning Guide

Last updated 26-Apr-2019

Scheduled Release Date: Friday, August 21, 2015

System Unavailability

Outage Begins Outage Anticipated End Date
 8 PM (EST) Friday, August 21, 2015  12:01 AM Saturday, August 22, 2015

Functionality in the Release

This release contains minor improvements to SEVIS and fixes some issues associated with SEVIS Release 6.21.

Functionality  Affects F/M SEVIS Affects J SEVIS Affects Batch
Redesign of the Listing of Schools page Yes No No
Selection of school and campus persists when return to Listing of Schools page after taking action in SEVIS Yes No No
Ability to do a wildcard search on Given Name Yes Yes No
Improved search speed on exchange visitor and dependent searches Yes Yes No
Increase RFI comments from SEVP to 10,000 characters Yes No No
Description of “Other” Level of Education prints on Form I-20 Yes No No
Removal of 500-record limit on report of nonimmigrants whose names were changed by SEVIS  Yes Yes No
Provide DSO ability to update OPT employer information when DSO-Recommended OPT End date is in the past, but Actual OPT End Date is in the future Yes No No
Change Batch transaction log so returned addresses are broken down by address field Yes Yes Ye

Release Resources

The following resources are available to support this release:

  • SEVIS 6.22 Pre-Release Webinar recording (Resource outdated)
  • SEVIS 6.22 Pre-Release Webinar Slides (Resource outdated)
  • SEVIS 6.22 Pre-Release Webinar FAQ (Resource outdated)

Note: These links have been disabled. You can visit the SEVIS Webinar page for all release webinars.

Systems Affected by the Outage

SEVIS data is used by many systems worldwide. The following processes and systems will be affected:

Process/System Effects
I-901 (SEVIS) Fee The I-901 System will not be able to process the SEVIS fee payments. Students and exchange visitors must either pay ahead of time or wait until SEVIS is online again.
Social Security Numbers (SSN)
(System: SAVE)
The Social Security Administration should not be affected.
(Systems: ESB, PCQS)
SAVE Agents should not be affected.
E-Verify (Systems ESB, PCQS) E-Verify should not be affected.
Visa Applications
(System: CCD)
Consular officers at U.S. embassies and consulates should not be affected. 
Ports of Entry
(Systems: ADIS, PCQS)
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers performing primary inspections can verify admissibility using information that is up-to-date. Anyone seeking F, M, or J status may be sent to secondary inspection for processing. CBP Officers in secondary inspection cannot access SEVIS to verify F, J, or M nonimmigrants’ SEVIS status. However, this is a short outage with very limited effects.
State Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
(System: SAVE)
DMV agents should not be affected

School Recertification

There should be no effect on schools’ ability to file for recertification.

Batch Users

Schools and sponsors that use third-party software to push data to SEVIS must plan their batch uploads carefully.

Critical Date/Time What Happens
8:00 PM Friday, August 21, 2015 SEVIS batch functionality is suspended.
12:01 AM Saturday, August 22, 2015 SEVIS batch functionality is restored.

Icon - Pay attention to an important point Transaction logs and PDFs of forms not downloaded by 8:00 PM (EST) Friday, August 21, 2015 will be available for download once SEVIS access is restored.