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The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) produces several publications throughout the year to keep stakeholders informed of the latest news and updates. Here you can find the latest editions of the SEVP Outreach Bulletin, SEVP Spotlight and subscribe to certain publications.

SEVP Outreach Bulletin

The SEVP Outreach Bulletin is a monthly publication that informs our conference stakeholders of the latest SEVP news and events. To receive the monthly bulletin via email, please subscribe to GovDelivery and select SEVP Outreach Bulletin when you sign up.

2020 SEVP Outreach Bulletins

2019 SEVP Outreach Bulletins

2018 SEVP Outreach Bulletins

2017 SEVP Outreach Bulletins

SEVP Outreach Bulletin Archive

2016 SEVP Outreach Bulletins

2015 SEVP Outreach Bulletins

2014 SEVP Outreach Bulletins

2013 SEVP Outreach Bulletins

SEVP Spotlight

The SEVP Spotlight is a quarterly newsletter distributed to more than 59,000 designated school officials, top academic associations and SEVP’s government partners. To receive the quarterly newsletter via email, please subscribe to GovDelivery and select SEVP Spotlight when you sign up.

2024 SEVP Spotlights

2023 SEVP Spotlights

2022 SEVP Spotlights

SEVP Spotlight Archive

2021 SEVP Spotlights

2020 SEVP Spotlights

2019 SEVP Spotlights

2018 SEVP Spotlights

2017 SEVP Spotlights

2016 SEVP Spotlights

2015 SEVP Spotlights

2014 SEVP Spotlights

2013 SEVP Spotlights

2012 SEVP Spotlights

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