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Student Benefits

Back-to-School Tips for Students in the States

August 22, 2022

While living in the United States, F-1 and M-1 students may be eligible for specific benefits as an international student. Visit the below resources to learn about some of the benefits available.

Driving in the US

As an F or M Student, you may be eligible to drive a motor vehicle while living in the United States.

To apply for a driver’s license, follow the below steps:

• Confirm with your designated school official (DSO) that your student record is Active in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

• Wait 10 days after arriving in the United States to apply for a driver's license so that your Form I-94, “Arrival/Departure Record,” information can update in all government systems.

• Obtain a Social Security number (SSN), if required by the state or territory you are studying in.

• Submit proper documentation to the DMV at an in-person appointment.

Working in the US

Planning on working this academic year?

Remember to talk with your DSO to see if you meet the requirements to work while studying. Depending on your status and program of study, you may be eligible for on- or off-campus employment opportunities while you study in the United States. Learn more about different work opportunities and eligibility requirements.

Training Opportunities in the US

The Student and Exchange Visitor Program allows some F-1 students to participate in training opportunities and gain hands-on experience related to their academic studies. You can work with your DSO to ensure eligibility and apply for proper authorization with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services if necessary. For additional back-to-school resources and updates, visit the Students page.

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