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Maintain F and M Status in Emergency Events

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) understands that international students studying in the United States may face emergency situations while attending their Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified school. These emergencies can range from natural disasters to manmade events and can affect your safety and impact school operations.

It is important that F and M students maintain their nonimmigrant student status, even during emergency events. This means F and M students should continue to take all the necessary actions to remain in status, to the extent possible under the circumstances, and communicate with their designated school official (DSO) about the emergency plans on their campus.

Items to Keep Safe

F and M students should keep the following items in a safe, secure place so that they are easily accessible in the event of an emergency:

Preparing for Emergencies

Campus disruptions can range from natural disasters to manmade events, pandemics or campus violence. The impact of these events can be far-reaching and highlight the need for all students to have an emergency plan in place.

We encourage F and M students to take the following actions to begin making their own emergency preparedness plan while they study in the United Sates:

To learn more about DHS’ work to strengthen campus resilience and international student efforts on U.S. campuses, visit the DHS website.

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