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Update Employer Information

To view or edit employment information, click the “Edit Employment” link in the top navigation. The portal opens the Edit Employment page. The default view of the page shows a list of all employment authorizations available to be viewed in the portal. Each authorization shows the following elements:

  • SEVIS-assigned number for the authorization.
  • Type of authorization.
  • Dates of employment.
  • Number of employers associated with the authorization.
  • A clickable icon to expand the listing to display more data fields.

If any of the above information pertaining to employment authorization is incorrect, SEVP Portal users should contact their DSO.

Add Employer

If an SEVP Portal user wants add an employer, click “Add Employer.” When all required fields are entered, click “Save.” The portal displays a success message. Users can also enter more than one employer. Click Add Employer to repeat the process.

Please note that F-1 STEM OPT participants using the portal cannot use this feature, and the Add Employer button does not appear on their page. By regulation, STEM OPT participants must send a completed Form I-983 to their DSO. Their DSO must enter the employer information into SEVIS. The employer will appear in the portal the day after the DSO submits the information in SEVIS.

Enter the following information to add an employer:

  • Click the Self Employed Check box if the user is self-employed. The portal will enter the student’s name in the Employer name section.
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) (STEM OPT participants only).
  • Employer Name.
  • Employer Address.
  • Job Title.
  • Supervisor First Name (STEM OPT participants only).
  • Supervisor Last Name (STEM OPT participants only).
  • Supervisor Phone Number (STEM OPT participants only).
  • Supervisor Email Address (STEM OPT participants only).
  • Full/Part-Time, use the drop-down list to select either full or part time.
  • Employment Start Date.*
  • Employment End Date.
  • Relation to Field of Study: Explain how the job relates to the degree that qualified you for this training.

* Start dates cannot be before the start date on your OPT authorization.

Edit Employer Information

Users must edit employer information if any of the data in any of the existing fields change. However, users should never replace an existing employer’s information with a new employer’s information if they change employers. Instead, if a student leaves one job to work for another employer, edit the end date of the existing employer and then add the new employer to the record.

To edit an employer, go to the Edit Employment page. Locate the employer to edit and click the plus (+) sign next to the employer name. The portal expands the entry to show all available data fields. Edit the data that needs to be changed. Click “Save.”

Please note, STEM OPT students:

  • Cannot change the employment start date. A change in start date should be reflected on the Form I-983. The DSO can edit the start date in SEVIS.
  • Have ten days to report the end of employment.
  • Must send their DSO the final evaluation within ten days of their last day of work.
Delete Employer

Users can only delete an employer if they never worked for the employer. To delete an employer, go to the Edit Employment page. Click the plus (+) sign next to the employment authorization listing. The portal reveals the employers linked to the authorization. Click “Delete.” The portal deletes the employer right away. The employer is removed from the employer count and from the list.

Users should ensure they select the right employer to delete. The system will not ask users to confirm that they want to delete the employer.

For step-by-step instructions on how to perform the above actions, and to see screenshots of what to expect, please download and refer to the SEVP Portal User Guide and the SEVP Portal Videos.

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