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Try the New Study in the States Content Filter

May 26, 2023

Study in the States serves as a dedicated resource to help schools and programs in the United States, along with international students, navigate the international student life cycle and comply with federal regulations. A new Study in the States feature allows site users to filter all site content by topic. Follow these instructions to use this new tool:

  1. Select the new Filter option located in the Study in the States navigation bar to open the tool.
  2. Select from a provided list of topics and select “Apply” to see all Study in the States site content on that topic. Filter by one topic at a time.
  3. The page will update with all site content tagged with that topic. Note: A “No Results Yet” message will appear on the page until you apply a filter.

Additionally, Study in the States content will have a “Related Tags” field displayed at the bottom of the page. Click a related tag to see all content on that topic.

Try out the new tool now in the navigation bar.

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