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New Upgrades to the Study in the States Website

New Upgrades to the Study in the States Website

June 25, 2020

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has upgraded the Study in the States website. This upgrade reorganizes existing content and adds new features to the site. Below are some of the key changes that have been made to the site. Explore these new features:


The website now has side navigation menus for an easier user experience. The side navigation appears when users visit resource or SEVIS Help hub pages and allow users to easily jump between sections.


The website is equipped with a search bar at the bottom of the site to aid with ease of information access. This search bar appears across the site and pulls content from across the site. Users will now be able to search the entire website, even when searching within the SEVIS Help Hub.

“What's New” Section

Each landing page features a What's New" section. Refer to this section to find recently added, timely or seasonal content.

Help Hub

In the new Help Hubs section, students and schools can find information and guidance on a wide range of topics. This central hub houses the SEVIS Help Hub, STEM OPT Hub and SEVP Portal Help section.

Bookmarked URLs

Bookmarks from the old Study in the States website will not change and will redirect to the new site.

Check out these new updates to Study in the States.

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