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Maintaining Accurate SEVIS Records: When to Request a Correction or Data Fix

June 30, 2016

School officials must maintain accurate student records and address all errors in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) immediately. Inaccurate data can affect the status of the student’s SEVIS record and put the student’s eligibility for benefits at risk.

If a school official makes an error or fails to report something on a student’s record, they must either:

  • Request a correction to student data in SEVIS.

In very limited situations, principal designated school officials (PDSOs) can make immediate corrections to inaccurate SEVIS data by using the “PDSO Record Correction” options in SEVIS. For more specific information about these instances, visit the PDSO Correction page on the SEVIS Help Hub.

Request a Correction in SEVIS

PDSOs or designated school officials (DSOs) who make a simple error on a student’s record can request a change to the student’s record using the “Corrections” option in SEVIS. Simple errors include changes to:

  • Program dates.
  • Student status.
  • Student request.
  • Termination reason.

Each request for correction receives a correction request number and is sent to the SRC for adjudication. For more information about requesting a correction in SEVIS, visit the Correction Request Overview page on the SEVIS Help Hub. Upon discovering an error, DSOs must request corrections as soon as possible.

Data Fixes

PDSOs and DSOs should contact the SRC directly to request a data fix for a complicated correction to SEVIS data that cannot be addressed by a correction request in SEVIS itself. To request a data fix, PDSOs and DSOs must call the SRC to submit a ticket. Sometimes, if a DSO submits a correction request and the situation requires more in-depth work, the SRC will ask the DSO to cancel the correction request and will assist them in opening a data fix ticket.

Please note, SEVP may request that a school official send additional information to adjudicate a correction or data fix.

Do you need to request a data fix for a student’s SEVIS record? Contact the SRC at 1-800-892-4829.

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