Use the Study in the States glossary to define key terms throughout the F and M student process in the United States. If you are a current or prospective student, select “students” to see terms that specifically relate to you—from visas, to forms, benefits, and more. School officials should select “schools” to find more information on certification, responsibilities, and how to help their F and M students. You can also sort terms by selecting the letter of the alphabet a term begins with.

Associate's Degree

A degree typically offered at community or junior colleges that usually takes at least two but less than four years of full-time college work to complete.

Related terms: Community College

Bachelor's Degree

A degree offered in undergraduate programs at four-year colleges or universities.

Doctorate Degree

The highest form of post-graduate degree that students can earn in the United States.

Related terms: Graduate Degree

Graduate Degree

A degree type for students following a bachelor’s degree program or its equivalent. Degree types include master’s or doctorate degrees.

Master's Degree

A graduate degree that requires the successful completion of the full-time equivalent of one but not more than two academic years of work beyond the bachelor's degree.