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DSOs: Read these Record Keeping Reminders

February 8, 2023

Designated school officials (DSOs) are required to keep student and school records up to date to help ensure accurate Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) data.

Keep these requirements in mind:

  1. Keep DSO contact information, including telephone numbers and email addresses, up to date in the SEVIS. This also applies to DSOs who are engaged in remote or hybrid work arrangements away from their regular office. Visit the Form I-17 Petition Update – Manage School Officials page in the SEVIS Help Hub for instructions on updating your contact information.
  2. Ensure that you have regular access to your telephone number listed in SEVIS, as SEVP may need to directly contact you via telephone to assist with expedited correction requests or other student record updates. For example, DSOs working remotely may want to ensure that they have phone forwarding or other workarounds in place if their office phone number is listed in SEVIS.
  3. If a student requests to transfer to another SEVP-certified school, the DSO must transfer the SEVIS record. SEVIS records are government property and cannot be held by the school following a request to transfer; DSOs cannot refuse to transfer SEVIS records for financial or business reasons. DSOs at transfer out schools must take the necessary steps in SEVIS to transfer student records.
  4. Federal regulation requires you to report changes to school and student information within 21 days of the change.

For additional reminders, read the Broadcast Message on You may also contact the SEVP Response Center or your field representative.

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