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DSO signs student's Form I-20

Questions from DSOs: What is the School Attestation Statement?

June 20, 2019

It is summer time and the rush of student applications for the fall term is at its height. As you prepare to sign the Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Students,” and send it to students, be sure to read the School Attestation statement on the first page the Form I-20 and understand your responsibilities as a designated school official (DSO).

By signing the School Attestation statement, you are certifying, under the penalty of perjury, the following:

  • All of the information you provided was entered before signing the form and is true and correct.
  • The Form I-20 was created in the United States.
  • You or other school officials reviewed the student’s application, proof of financial responsibility, and transcripts or other academic records.
  • Your school can provide a full course of study to the student.

The guidelines for this attestation statement come directly from the Code of Federal Regulations, 8 CFR 214.3(k).

Make sure you also understand the requirements to comply with federal regulations for your school and international students. Page three of the Form I-20 provides a very brief and basic overview of some of the requirements to help you understand your reporting requirements and help F and M students maintain their status. Students are also required to sign the Form I-20.

For more information about your role with the Form I-20, visit the DSOs and the Form I-20 page.

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