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Reminders About Online and Distance Learning Courses

January 18, 2017

Online or distance learning courses are classes that do not require regular physical attendance to pass the course and are often presented electronically as opposed to in a traditional classroom setting. This means online and distance learning classes do not require you to participate in-person at the school location while enrolled in the course.

F-1 Students: Online and Distance Learning Courses

Online or distance learning received at a location other than the SEVP-certified school where the F-1 academic or professional student is enrolled is limited to three credits per session toward a full course of study in each academic term.

An F-1 student enrolled in an English language course of study is prohibited from receiving any online or distance learning and crediting it toward the full course of study.

For a student inclined to take more than a full course of study, any additional online courses taken would be “incident to status” and would not count towards full course of study requirements. Please note that F-1 students must enroll in at least one course that requires physical attendance in their final academic term.

M-1 Students: Online and Distance Learning Courses

M-1 students may not count any online or distance learning courses toward their full course of study requirement if physical presence is not monitored to the same extent as traditional classes.

If you have any questions about online or distance learning courses, talk to your designated school official before you enroll to ensure that you properly maintain your status.

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