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Learn More About DHS’s Blue Campaign in the SEVP Spotlight

December 27, 2016

As a designated school official (DSO), the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Blue Campaign provides information about how you can help protect your international students that may be vulnerable to risks associated with human trafficking, especially those at the kindergarten through grade 12 level.

To help you become more familiar with the Blue Campaign, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) sat down with the Blue Campaign and featured the interview in the latest edition of the SEVP Spotlight. The article explains:

  • What the Blue Campaign does and how it started.
  • How DHS is involved in the issue of human trafficking.
  • What DSOs can do to help prevent and educate others about human trafficking.

When you know more about the issue of human trafficking, you can help raise awareness and share information with your international students, their parents and family members, and others in your school or campus community.

Do you want to learn more about DHS’s Blue Campaign? Download the December 2016 edition of the SEVP Spotlight to read the full article. You can also visit the Blue Campaign website for more information and resources from DHS.

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