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Mapping SEVIS by the Numbers: Now View Student Populations by State

October 2, 2015

Mapping SEVIS by the Numbers illustrates trends and information on international students studying in the United States using data from the quarterly SEVIS by the Numbers reports, and this week Study in the States enhanced the tool to allow users to view the breakdown of international student populations by U.S. state.

With this new enhancement, once you select a continent, region or country, you can now scroll down to view a map of the 50 states. Simply click on the U.S. state you want to learn more about and a box will appear that tells you the total number F and M students who study in that state from the continent, region or country you selected.

In addition to the state breakdown, users can still view the male and female ratio of students studying from a particular area of the globe as well as their education level. You can also access historical data from the past year to see trends and how the numbers of students and programs they study have changed.

Each quarter, Study in the States will update Mapping SEVIS by the Numbers to reflect the data released in the latest SEVIS by the Numbers report. To learn more about the August 2015 SEVIS by the Numbers, we encourage you to read the following blog posts on Study in the States:

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