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Man viewing the international student life cycle

Download the International Student Life Cycle Infographic

October 29, 2015

When an F or M student wants to complete a program of study in the United States, there are many different steps they must take. Study in the States is a federal resource to educate both prospective and current international students as they navigate the international student process.

Check out the International Student Life Cycle (F-1/M-1) infographic to view each step of the process, including the government rules international students must follow. Download, print and keep this infographic on hand for your easy reference throughout your time as an international student in the United States.

The infographic clearly outlines the eight steps involved in studying in the United States, and includes supplemental information about employment eligibility for F-1 students. In one easy-to-follow image, the International Student Life Cycle infographic covers everything from applying to a Student and Exchange Visitor Program-certified school, to exploring post graduate opportunities and departing the United States.

Designated school officials should download, print and share the infographic with F and M students to help them more easily understand how to properly maintain their status. F and M students should also keep the infographic on hand and refer to it when issues or questions about the next phase of the international student process arise.

Have more questions about the process? Visit the Study Guide to the States, an interactive tool that takes you step-by-step through the international student process. Share these tools with your network on social media using the hashtag, #StudyintheStates. 

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