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What Schools Need to Know About Out-of-Cycle Review Letters

July 2, 2015
To help ensure school compliance with federal regulations and Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) data integrity, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) has ongoing monitoring efforts in place. One way we monitor schools for compliance with regulations is by sending a school an out-of-cycle review letter. 
An out-of-cycle review letter can be issued to a school at any time to ensure the school is complying with some part of its reporting and recordkeeping requirements, and to ensure the school’s continued eligibility for SEVP certification. Do not worry if your school receives one—it is a normal part of SEVP’s review of schools. But, do respond promptly and thoroughly to the requests.
The out-of-cycle review process may include a student record review, a request for the submission of documentation to verify accreditation, a request for proof of state licensure or a request for any other required evidence that establishes a school’s continued eligibility for SEVP certification. An out-of-cycle review letter may also be issued when SEVP staff visits your school.
Failure to respond to an out-of-cycle review letter by the required date could negatively affect your school’s certification status. Remember, the school’s response to an out-of-cycle review will not extend the school’s certification expiration date (CED) which is related to the SEVP school certification process. Learn more about CEDs and what to do if you receive one on Study in the States
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