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Before You Leave for Spring Break: Eight Tips to Help You Pass Midterms

February 23, 2015
Spring break is quickly approaching for students at U.S. colleges and universities. This is a one to two week period when students and faculty get a break from coursework and have a chance to travel and enjoy much needed time off!
Before you leave for break, most U.S. academic programs have mid-term exams. Students must take these exams before enjoying time away from campus. As an F or M student, it is important that you do well on your mid-term exams because it is your responsibility to maintain your student status while you study in the United States. This includes passing all courses.
In a recent article from Vox, experts from Washington University in St. Louis, an SEVP-certified school, shared some tips on how to best retain information and study smarter:
  • Do not simply re-read your notes;
  • Ask yourself lots of questions;
  • Connect new information to something you already know;
  • Draw out information in a visual form (e.g., diagrams and illustrations);
  • Use flashcards; and
  • Do not wait until the last minute to study.
For more suggestions to help you maintain your status, talk to your designated school official. Do you have a proven study method to help you pass your mid-term exams? Be sure to share it with us on Facebook and Twitter using #SpringBreak2015. 
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