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Studies show that studying abroad is beneficial.

Studying Abroad Links to a Successful Future

October 14, 2014

Each year, the benefits of studying abroad become clearer and more widely discussed. Last year we wrote about a study that found some surprising benefits of international student enrollment. This year, Time Magazine detailed more evidence supporting the idea that students with multicultural experiences grow into independent, complex thinkers who solve problems creatively and have greater career potential.

A study out of INSEAD, an international graduate school, echoed these findings. It found that students with international experiences adapt quickly to changing environments, which helps them professionally. The study argues that these students are more likely to receive promotions and create new businesses and products.

Do you want to sharpen your mind and broaden your professional horizons by studying in the United States? We encourage you to first check out EducationUSA’s website for useful information on academic programs and areas of study. Next, explore our Study Guide to the States to help you navigate becoming an international student and maintaining your student status in America.

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