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What is the Form I-94?

August 25, 2014

Before studying in the United States, there are some forms that you will be given and should keep while staying in the country. One important form is the Form I-94, “Arrival/Departure Record.” It shows the terms of your admission, including your legal status, length of time you may stay and expected departure date.

Upon your admission to the United States at a port of entry, you will be issued a Form I‑94. International students who enter the country at an air or sea port of entry are issued an electronic form, while those who enter the country at a land port of entry are issued a paper Form I-94.

It is important to have a copy of your Form I-94 to prove your legal visa status in the United States. If you are admitted electronically and do not receive a paper form, or if you misplace your form and need a replacement, follow the steps below to retrieve a copy.

If you select “Get Most Recent I-94” the web page will display your most recent Form I‑94, which includes an I-94 number, most recent date of entry, class of admission and admit until date. You should print this page for your records.

If you select “Get Travel History” you can access your travel history within the last five years on the Form I-94.

If you have additional questions about the Form I-94, select the “I-94 FAQ” tab on the Form I-94 Web page.

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