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Learn about Financial Aid in the United States.

Financial Aid in the United States

January 30, 2014

As an F or M student, you are responsible for paying for your education costs while in the United States. These costs include your student fees, tuition, room and board, and travel costs. The Department of Homeland Security does not offer financial aid. However, F and M students need to understand their options for financial aid opportunities.

U.S. News & World Report provides some helpful tips you can follow when researching your options:

  • Know financial aid basics: The United States has many different types of colleges and universities, which means that financial aid options may vary. Some schools may offer assistance based on financial need, while others may offer academic scholarships.
  • Go to the source: If you have questions about what type of aid you might qualify for, talk to your school’s financial aid office. The officials in this office can help you apply.
  • Share your strengths: Many schools offer academic scholarships to F and M students based on their academic achievements. An academic scholarship is merit-based aid. If you have excelled in a course or received recognition for something, be sure to share this information with your admissions office because you may qualify for a scholarship.
  • Explore your options: It is important to do your research before applying for financial aid because you need to make sure you meet all the criteria. EducationUSA has information on many aspects of studying in the States and can help you select a school and a course of study. With 400 advising centers in 170 countries, EducationUSA represents the largest group of advisers committed to promoting accredited United States higher education institutions to the more than 14 million students and parents with whom they have contact each year.

If you have questions about applying for and receiving financial aid, talk to your financial aid office and your designated school official.


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