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International student benefit U.S. classrooms.

New Study Reports on Benefits of International Students on U.S. Students

June 27, 2013

A recent study in the Journal of International Students highlights the impacts international students have on their American classmates. Bloomberg Businessweek reported the results are based on a survey of more than 5,600 American graduates who “were asked about the extent to which they interacted with students from outside the U.S., as well as how much their undergraduate institution contributed to their development in 21 areas.”

The survey results show that graduates who reported more interaction with international students developed more varied skills, such as the ability to speak a new language, as well as developed new cognitive skills. These students have “the ability to question their own beliefs and values; acquire new skills and knowledge independently; formulate creative ideas; integrate ideas and information; achieve quantitative abilities; understand the role of science and technology in society; and gain in-depth knowledge in a specific field.”

The article also discusses how this development will specifically impact business schools in the United States. Many Master of Business Administration programs include teamwork in course requirements so all students need to work together.

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