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Community Colleges an Option for STEM Students

August 6, 2012

If you want to enroll in a science, technology, math or engineering (STEM) program of study,  consider studying at a community college. An article in U.S. News & World Report reports that community colleges provide students with the skills to succeed after graduation, such as comprehension of the scientific method and critical thinking.

The article emphasizes that community colleges need to form partnerships and collaborate “with both high schools and businesses.” This collaboration can increase the viability of community colleges as an option for students who want to enroll in a STEM program of study.

National Science Foundation program director in undergraduate education, V. Celeste Carter, was quoted in the article. She believes that these partnerships require continual development to create “industry-validated” programs and certificates. Carter wants industries, including companies and professional organizations, to help ensure a critical transfer. Degrees or certificates in a STEM program of study need to easily transfer from a school in one state to a job or other program of study in another state. Such an approach is a helpful form of workforce development.

If you chose to attend a community college in the United States, you can gain skills that will prepare you  for transfer to a four-year university. 


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