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Designated school official helps student.

Current Students: Know Your DSO

March 15, 2012

Maintaining your F or M student status while you are in the United States is important. The designated school official (DSO) at your school can help you. Your DSO should be the first person you talk with if you have any questions regarding the legal requirements of your stay in the United States. Your DSO can help you either answer your questions or find someone else who can give you the answer. If you have problems with enrolling and remaining in a full course of study, your DSO can assist you.

Report to your DSO within 30 days of entering the United States. If you have questions about requirements for class attendance, employment or continuing your education at the end of this program of study, speak with your DSO. Also, talk with your DSO if you plan to do any of the following:

  • Change your major, program or degree level
  • Change your education level
  • Transfer to a new school or take a leave of absence
  • Take a break from school
  • Travel outside the United States
  • Move to a new address
  • Change your name
  • Request a program extension


Remember, your DSO wants to help you.

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