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Redesigned Form I-20 Fact Sheet

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The Student and Exchange Visitor Program is releasing a redesigned Form I-20. This fact sheet highlights key aspects of the form.


* Release date for revised Form I-20: June 26, 2015

* Deadline for conversion of forms for students: July 1, 2016

Schools must ensure that their students have the new version of the form by July 1, 2016. After July 1, 2016, previous versions of the form cannot be used to support:

  • Visa applications
  • Entry into the United States
  • Applications for social security numbers or drivers licenses
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Note: Nonimmigrants applying for social security numbers or drivers licenses are encouraged to use the redesigned Form I-20, starting June 29, 2015.

  • Improved design:
    • Changes the branding to reflect the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement branding.
    • Moves the instructions to page three of the form.
    • Removes the barcode and the blocks for visa and port of entry information.
    • Improves the display of information.
  • Page one changes:
    • Makes the SEVIS ID more visible on page one.
    • Adds the new SEVIS name fields.
    • Makes the class of admission information more visible.
    • Displays the school and program of study information more clearly.
    • Specifies the number of dependents.
    • Describes other costs, funds from the school, and funds from other sources, if any.
    • Pre-prints the student’s name in the Student Attestation section for both the student and the dependent forms.
    • Separates dependent from student information on the dependent’s form.
  • Page two changes:
    • Displays both the SEVIS ID and the student or dependent name.
    • Displays employment authorization information more clearly.
    • Expands the following sections of the form to display information, if needed:
      • Change of Status/Cap Gap Extension

      • Event History

      • Other Authorizations

    • Does NOT pre-print the DSO’s name on page two of the form.  

F-1 Form Changes - Page One

F-1 Form Changes - Page Two

F-1 Form Changes - Page Three

M-1 Form Changes - Page One

M-1 Form Changes - Page Two

M-1 Form Pages - Page Three

F-2 and M-2 Form Changes - Page One

F2 and M2 Form Changes - Page Two

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