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Known Issues for the SEVIS PDSO, DSO, ARO and RO Verification Process

December 11, 2014
On Dec. 2, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) announced mandatory annual verification updates for designated school officials (DSOs) in the Student
and Exchange Visitor Information System
At this time, SEVP is aware of issues with the verification process. Several schools have reported instances where a DSO was listed several times per campus on the SEVIS Verification Page. The principal designated school official (PDSO) verified one entry as “Yes” and the other entries as “No.” Upon submission, the DSO lost SEVIS access.
If an official is listed multiple times on the SEVIS Verification Page, please follow these steps: 
  1. Select the same answer (Yes or No) for each line on the list where that person appears

    a. If the person is still employed at the institution and requires continued access to SEVIS, designate all instances where the person appears as “Yes.”

    b. If the person does not require continued SEVIS access, designate all instances where that person appears as “No.”
  2. Call the SEVP Response Center 1-800-892-4829 or 703-603-3400 to open a data fix ticket for the removal of the duplicate record(s).

For more information on the annual verification process, watch the Dec. 4 SEVIS 6.18 Post-Release Webinar where SEVP and U.S. Department of State discuss key facts and dates, how to verify school officials and answer various questions from SEVP officials.

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