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Why Do I Need to Attend an SEVP-Certified School?

Why Do I Need to Attend an SEVP-Certified School?

February 26, 2014

If you are an F or M student, you must attend a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)‑certified school to maintain your student status. Even though attending a certified school is a requirement, it is still important to know why and how this benefits you.

When you find an SEVP-certified school, it means that the school meets certain requirements and is allowed to enroll students just like you. This is important because your primary reason for coming to the country is to study. Only SEVP-certified schools can issue Forms I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status,” to you once you have been admitted. You need the Form I‑20 to apply for a visa to enter the United States.

If you are a prospective student looking to attend school in the United States, use the School Search page to find an SEVP-certified school today. The Study Guide to the States and the Study in the States blog can also help you research options for studying in the country.

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