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The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is the web-based system that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) uses to maintain information on F and M students in the United States and the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified schools that enroll them. SEVIS also maintains information on Department of State designated exchange visitor program sponsors and J-1 visa exchange visitor program participants. SEVIS is a critical tool in our mission to protect national security while supporting the legal entry of the more than one million F, M and J nonimmigrants to the United States for education and cultural exchange.

For F and M nonimmigrants, SEVIS is used to:

  • Petition SEVP for certification that allows the school to offer programs of study to nonimmigrant students
  • Update school information and apply for recertification of the school for continued ability to issue Certificates of Eligibility (Forms I–20) to nonimmigrant students and their dependents
  • Issue Forms I–20 to specific individuals used by nonimmigrants to obtain F or M status while enrolled at the school
  • Fulfill the school’s legal reporting responsibility regarding the student’s address, course of study, enrollment, employment, and compliance with the terms of the student status
  • Transfer the student SEVIS record to another institution

For J nonimmigrants, SEVIS is used to:

  • Petition the Department of State for designation that allows the sponsor to offer educational and cultural exchange programs to exchange visitors
  • Update sponsor information and apply for redesignation every two years
  • Issue Forms DS–2019 to specific individuals to obtain J status
  • Fulfill the sponsor’s legal reporting responsibility regarding the exchange visitors address, site of activity, program participation, employment, and compliance with the terms of the J status
  • Transfer the exchange visitor’s SEVIS record to another institution

SEVIS Enhancements

SEVP is improving SEVIS to make it a more effective and efficient system for users. In the coming months, users can look forward to the following SEVIS enhancements:.

  • Improved system performance and peak time responsiveness for school and program users
  • Standardized information requirements for enhanced searching, reporting, and data matching, allowing schools and programs to generate reports from SEVIS on their F, M and J nonimmigrants and print the information as a PDF or export it to an Excel file
  • Address validation that will provide consistency and accuracy and ensure U.S. addresses are complete and real
  • Improved ways to identify and correct incorrect data in SEVIS and eliminate duplicate records

SEVIS Release 6.16

Implementation Date: 4/18/2014

SEVIS Release 6.16 was implemented Friday April 18, 2014. This release has no implications for batch. This release contains the following system enhancements:

  • Return to list functionality
  • Improved search
  • Accreditations/Recognitions Conversion Project

Direct any questions related to the Accreditations/Recognition Conversion Project or to the release in general to

Accreditations and Recognitions Conversion Project

All SEVP-certified schools must participate in a one-time conversion of the school accreditation/recognition information on their Form I-17. SEVP is changing the format of Fields 10 and 11 on the electronic I-17 to capture more accurate information, including any applicable expiration dates. All schools must convert their accreditation information to the new format by July 18, 2014, or their accreditations will be listed as “none” in the new fields. See Release Resources below for tools to assist with the conversion.

Conversion period begins: April 19, 2014

Conversion deadline: July 18, 2014

Release Resources:

Address Validation and Name Standards Resources 

More Resources

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